PETKA SA is an incorporated construction and development company, that consolidates a thirty-year experience in the fields of general contracting, heavy construction, real estate, industrial installations and shipyard industry applications. PETKA SA undertakes building projects in both the public and private sector, in Greece and South East Europe.

The founders and main shareholders of PETKA SA are Mr. Christos Petrocheilos (Chief Executive Officer & Vice Chairman of the Board) and Mr. Spyros Karavakis (Chairman of the Board), both being Mechanical Engineers with multiannual experience in the building contracting sector.

The team of PETKA SA consists of Architects & Engineers of all specialties (Civil Eng., Mechanical Eng., Electrical Eng., Chemical-Biomolecular Eng., Environmental Eng., Marine Eng. and Topographers), experienced and able to accomplish each and every project, from the phase of the study and design till the phase of technical management. Prominence positions are also held by Designers, Real Estate Consultants, Property Appraisers, Financial Officers, Tax Specialists, Legal Advisors, Administrative and Technical Personnel. All these people have played a crucial role in PETKA SA 's development over the years and are for sure its most valuable asset.

Projects & Services:

Every construction of PETKA SA is known for its high quality, its effectiveness in the production procedure, its low costs and its optimal delivery. All the above classify PETKA SA in between the most competitive companies in its field within the nation.

PETKA SA has high expertise in the following categories:

  • Private Residences
  • Office Buildings
  • Aviation Projects
  • Military Bases
  • Health Carel Facilities
  • Education Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Museums
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Post Offices
  • Banks
  • Marine Installations

You can see indicative projects of PETKA SA here.

The company's Services include:

  • Pre Construction Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Real Estate
  • Design/Build
  • General Contracting
  • Facilities Management
  • Building Renovation / Upgrade
  • Building Maintenance
  • Green Building
  • Marine Installations
  • Installations of Central, Semi-Central and Domestic Air Conditioning
  • Installations of Solar, Photovoltaic and Wind Systems

Corporate Values:

The main attributes of PETKA SA are: 1) the high standards it sets, 2) the deep knowledge of the market and 3) the attachment of the personnel to the needs of the costumers.

PETKA SA is based on the following values:

  • Credibility / Honesty
  • Respect to the costumer
  • Discipline
  • Team Work
  • Hard Work
  • Quality Work

Mission Statement:

The Mission of PETKA SA is to continue offering its services to the highest possible level and to acquire a  pioneering role in the building development of the Greece and Southeast Europe in general.