Since its foundation, PETKA SA has been undertaking the most complicated types of installations. (Please have a look at our Project List)

a. Any type of  Electromechanical installations

b. High-Tech Installations (UPS, Ehz, etc.)

c. Fire Hazard Installations (Fire Safety, Detectors, etc.)

d. Installations of Electrical Force & Suspension of Medium Voltage

e. Water Supply Installations (+ Irrigation Installations)

f. HVAC Installations (Cooling & Heating)

g. Solar, Wind & Photovoltaic Installations (at Renewable Energy Power Plants)

PETKA SA has acquired a huge expertise even in the most complicated types of installations, and will be able to complete every project, of any difficulty level.

Having all the appropriate personnel, PETKA SA is able to offer Building Maintenance services, which include: Fire Safety, HVAC Installations, Electromechanical Installations, Hydraulic Installations and general Contracting.