Athens International Airport Project Design & Construction Aviation
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The Athens International Airport, also known as Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, is the largest Airport in Greece and among the largest in Europe, serving more than 16 million passengers annually. It is also known for always acquiring the most pioneering technology.

In 2004, PETKA SA was in charge of constructing all VIP Terminals at the Athens International Airport, as well as installing all technology and security applications.

Ellinikon International Airport Projects Design & Construction Aviation
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The Ellinikon International Airport was the biggest Airport in Greece for 60 years until the Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) was built in 2001. Nowadays, it has stopped operating as an Airport and it is transformed into a Hellenic Air Force Base.

PETKA SA was in charge of several projects at the Ellinikon International Airport. The most significant of them were:

1. Constructing a structured cabled network (with the use of fiber optics) at the Airport Control Tower.

2. Renovating and Upgrading the Athens Air Traffic Control Buildings.

3. Renovating and Upgrading the building facilities of the Ellinikon Electronic Applications Center.

4. Contracting services as well as multiple installations at the Radar Shed and Light Signaling Room.

5. Constructing and controlling (remote control) of NAVAIDS at the Central Hellenic Air Force Station.

6. Fencing and Peripheral Lightning of the entire Ellinikon International Airport.