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The Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA, usually known by its Greek initials: OTE SA, is the biggest Telecommunications corporation in Greece. Although it used to be State-owned, since 1998 it has been privatized and is listed on the New York, London and Athens Stock Exchanges.OTE SA has also expanded in South East Europe, acquiring stakes in the incumbent telecommunications companies of Romania and the Republic of Serbia and establishing mobile operations in Albania, Bulgaria, the FYROM and Romania.

PETKA SA signed a contract with OTE SA in order to perform construction work in certain OTE Buildings and stores. In a period of 5 years, PETKA SA completed the following contracting projects:

  • OTE Administration Building in N. Smyrni, Greece

  • OTE Administration Building in Ampelokipoi, Athens, Greece

  • OTE Administration Building in Lagonisi, Greece

  • OTE Administration Building in Keratsini, Greece

  • OTE Administration Building in Nyma, Greece

  • OTEShop Store in Keratsini, Greece

  • OTEShop Store in Peireus, Greece