Church of Greece Administration Building Project Facilities Installations Government Buildings

In May 2012 PETKA S.A. was in charge of renovating one of the main administrative buildings of the Church of Greece on 5 Ventiri Street, in Athens. This project also included the upgrade of all electromechanical installations of the building.

The Church of Greece is part of the wider Greek Orthodox Church , and is one of the autocephalous churches that make up the communion of Orthodox Christianity.

This renovation project was completed in February 2013.


Chios Navy Base Project Facilities Installations Homeland Security

Chios is the fifth largest Greek island. The Chios Navy Base is one of the most significant bases of the Hellenic Navy.

In 2005, PETKA SA was assigned a very complicated project including the installation of fuel tanks in the Chios Navy Base.

Mesta Chios Project Facilities Installations Homeland Security

Chios is the fifth largest Greek island. Mesta is one of the most well preserved mediveal villages in Europe.

In 2001, PETKA SA was in charge of supplying and installing Central Power Converters in the Mesta Village in Chios.

Oil Tankers Projects Facilities Installations Shipping Industry
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Traditionally, Greece has been a maritime nation. Since ancient times, Greeks used to be involved into shipping which has played a key role in the financial development of this country.

Therefore, PETKA SA has been involved into the shipping industry too, by performing electromechanical installations, HVAC & refrigeration installations and other marine installations in oil tankers and other types of container ships.

Since 1989, PETKA SA has provided its services to huge shipping firms both in Greece and abroad. As a result, it has obtained a great expertise in this field as well.