Patriotic Institute of Social Welfare and Awareness (PIKPA) Project Building Maintenance Government Buildings
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PIKPA is the Patriotic Institute of Social Welfare and Awareness, operating under the authority of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection. It is in charge of providing basic services to individuals. It consists of several health care facilities, leisure facilities, and other institutions.

In 2007 PETKA SA was responsible for upgrading the PIKPA Building Facilities in Palaia Penteli, Greece. Our company was awarded for the excellent job that it performed in this project.

University of Athens Project Building Maintenance Education
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The National and Kapodistrian University, also known as University of Athens, is the oldest University in Southeast Europe, as it has been in continuous operation since 1837. It is among the largest institutions in Greece, with more than 50,000 undergraduates. It is ranked #1 in Greece and #177 in the world.

In 1997, PETKA SA was assigned to perform certain electromechanical contracting services in the main building of the Religious Studies Department.



Public Power Corporation of Greece (DEI SA) Project Building Maintenance Government Buildings
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The Public Power Corporation of Greece, also known as DEI SA, is the biggest electric power company in Greece. The Greek Government owns 51,1% of the company, which is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. DEI SA is also in charge of RAE, the 'Energy Regulatory Authority' of Greece. It owns approximately 100 power plants, most of them thermal, photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric, located on the mainland as well as on Crete, Rhodes and other islands, and because of its huge industrial strength constitutes the energy basis of all financial activities in Greece.

in 1996, PETKA SA completed a remodeling project for DEI SA, at the Aliveri Steam Power Plant, in Greece.

General Chemical State Laboratory Project Building Maintenance Government Buildings
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The General Chemical State Laboratory was founded in 1929 and is servicing the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It is the most significant and up-to-date product-quality control system in Greece.

PETKA SA was assigned to perform certain electromechanical installation to the GCSL's Headquarters, as well as set up all HVAC installations.